Overdraft Protection

Protect your accounts and your credit. Having a check returned or your check card declined can be a costly and humiliating experience. We offer several different options to ensure you're covered, even if you're short on funds. Take a look at the plans in the "Options" tab and find the one that suits you best.

Overdraft Protection
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  • Protect your accounts
  • Avoid merchant NSF charges
  • Several options to choose from
  • Get additional peace of mind

Bounce Protection

With this automatic coverage we will cover charges even if you don't have the funds to cover it.

Bounce protection automatically covers paper checks, any other transactions using your checking account number, and automatic bill payments. There is no additional cost associated with this privilege unless you use it. You will be charged our overdraft charge fee for each overdrawn item created by a traditional paper-based check, a teller withdrawal, and automatic payment (ACH) transaction, or a reoccurring check card payment. Also, if you have requested us to do so, we may authorize and cover ATM transfers or withdrawals and everyday check card purchases. If you would like to extend this coverage to ATM withdrawals and everyday debit card transactions, contact us to let us know.

Note: We are not obligated to pay any item presented for payment if your account does not contain sufficient funds. This service is only available to account holders in good standing.

You must bring your account to positive end-of-day balance within 30 calendar days. If you are unable to do so, your Bounce Protection will be suspended and additional items will be returned unpaid.

Ready Reserve

Get year-round coverage. We offer qualified applicants a line of credit that protects you from overdrafts by allowing you to write yourself a small loan anytime up to your approved limit.

Automatic Transfer from Savings to Checking

First State Bank Southwest will automatically transfer funds in increments of $100 from your savings account to cover any overdrafts. This free service is provided as a courtesy.

Choose which overdraft protection option works best for you and start protecting yourself today!